Insurance Claims Specialist

Call us first, many situations can cause a insurance company to deny your claim or minimize coverage. EHS has been negotiating claims for over 10 years maximizing the potential of the claim while minimizing  out of pocket costs to our clients.

Full service water damage Restoration

We are Licensed by the IICRC ( Water damage certification) We use cutting edge equipment to determine the damages. Once the scope is determined we use our in house technicians to remove the affected materials and dry down with thermal dynamic equipment ( Dehumidifiers, Fans, Hepa air filtration, negative air pressure machines.

Mold and lead remediation

Mold remediation can typically be included in the water damage remediation. But we are certified by the EPA to remove and treat most forms of mold growth. Post testing is available to prove we have properly taken care of the issue.  Please note we do not provide post testing in house it is a conflict of interest..

Construction consulting

We are Licensed by the CSLB for general contracting and have over 15 years experience in all areas of building construction.

License insured and bonded General Contractors

Class B Lic # 984561/ EPA Renovator certification # R-I 18317-13-0006
Additional information regarding our insurance and bonding can be found on the CSLB web site.

Plumbing and leak detection

We specialize in locating plumbing leaks using thermal imaging and electronic leak detection equipment helping us provide the proper plumbing report to file with either the insurance company our for your personal records.